04 Nov

I think the ELCA vote to allow active homosexuals to become ministers was finally the straw that broke the camel’s back  for me. I will no longer identify with what is today called the Evangelical movement.
Lets face it Satan first came in with his wolves in sheep’s clothing and so corrupted the mainline denominations with the doctrines of humanism that most true Christian left. Now Satan is well on his way of accomplishing the very same thing with those that identified with the evangelicals  that came out of those near dead Sardis mainline churches.
In reality I think over half of people who call themselves evangelicals today have gone off track and are now running on the road to Laodicea. Their worldviews are not from biblical doctrine because they are playing down Bible doctrine. They love to buy into the psychologies and philosophies of the age and more and more are going off into spiritualism influenced by leaders who knowingly or unknowingly are  in the occult. It is getting so bad that you often cannot tell the difference between the teachings and practices of post-modern evangelicals, World Faith heretics and certain demonic cults.
Even many churches that were once well known as Bible churches have drunk the post-modern Kool-Aid. Are you aware of the conflicts within the Nazarene’s, Baptists, EFree’s, etc. on this issues? It seems to me that many leaders have totally lost their Christian minds or at least their Christian worldview reflects that they do not have the mind of Christ.
Christians that believe the Bible is the only infallible reliable guide for Christian faith and practice and believe that truths taught in the Bible are absolute and that they cannot be twisted so they can be politically correct with the world, cannot continue to identify with these leaders calling themselves “evangelicals”.
So here is my quandary. What do we whom once called ourselves evangelicals now call ourselves? The post-modern evangelicals have split the movement and have now made the term “evangelical” meaningless. Worse yet, these people are now becoming the majority among those who call themselves “Evangelicals.
I have not yet heard a good title to identify those you cannot abide the redefining of Christianity from evangelicals. Some might say just call yourself a Bible believing Christian but that really does not work because they also claim to be be Bible believing Christians even though they twist the words to mean what they want or they pick and chose what part of the Bible they want to believe to support humanistic wordviews.

  • Calling oneself a Christian is not the answer since 90 percent of people that identify with Christianity seem to be Christians in name only.
  • Saying you believe in Christ does not mean much these days since many believe in some concept of Christ make in their own image.
  • Saying your a born again Christian has lost its meaning since most who claim to be born again Christians can not even explain the spiritual concept. Some just think being born again just means they were once baptized in a church.  There is no spiritual change in most to indicate that were ever born again in a spiritual rebirth or that the Holy Spirit indwells them.
  • If you call yourself one who believes in the absolute fundamental beliefs of the Christian faith you will be labeled a  fundamentalist and you might also be labeled  a simpleton who checks your brain at the door. Of course that is not true at all but it might not be wise to try to revive a vehicle that Christians already allowed the world to crash and burn.
  • We could call ourselves “the elect” but many that are baptized as infants in liberal churches also claim they are the elect.
  • We can say we are Wheaties, breakfast of champions, but the tares will claim we had a false start.

I know that if we do come up with a new name that Satan will soon try to ruin it. However, I think he may run out of time this time around. I see churches of many different denomination splitting into two camps. I think it will break down this way. There will be those that stay on solid biblical ground and there will be those who stand on the shaky ground of  humanism, spiritualism, subjective theories of men and emotionalism.
So what do we call the people who stand on solid biblical doctrine and truth compared to the others? As far as I am concerned they can keep their “Evangelical” title if they want because they already corrupted that word. We know the correct name for these would be more like “Laodicean Harlot’s for Jesus” but if they are the Harlots for Jesus who are we? I might suggest that we are the Bride and Body of Christ through bethrothal to the King (The two will become one flesh – This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.)
I guess we could call ourselves the Body of Christ but pseudo Christians today also claim to be part of the Body of Christ although they have no blood relationship with Jesus. So I guess that title is not exclusive enough.
What to do? Who knows? I am waiting for someone like you to come up with something. We need a one or two word description that fits and that will catch on with true faithful Christians. Like perhaps “Latter Day Philadelphians“.
What say you?

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