09 Nov


‘Make self-talk positive and self-empowering.”

Keeping self-talk in line with what you want to achieve is just a thought away. Listen to your thoughts. Recognize your inner dialogue. When self-talk limits you, question it, challenge it and change it.

For instance, if you hear yourself thinking, “Here I go again, making a stupid mistake. I’ll never get it right,” question your inner thoughts. Ask, “Why am I talking to myself so negatively?” Then, challenge this negative dialogue by telling yourself, “I can get things right.”

You can change your inner voice. Just think, “That was no big deal. I’ll fix it, right now.” Then, fix it. It’s nearly impossible to ignore your internal dialogue. Since you can’t ignore it, acknowledge it. But, don’t let it discourage you. When it’s negative, turn it around. Tell yourself something positive and self-empowering. With this kind of positive self-talk, you can achieve anything!

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Meditation: I challenge my negative self-talk.

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