01 Nov

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I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…
Philippians 4:12

Are you content in your job?

Discontentment pervades our workplaces. For many, being content at work is elusive,

unattainable and impossible. Why? The grass is always greener and the money is always
better somewhere else.

The Apostle Paul said, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every

situation”. He wrote this while in a literal prison. Yet, he still rejoiced in his circumstance.

Wow! How is this possible?

To be content means to be independent of external circumstances while placing our faith

and trust in God. Paul knew how to take his eyes off his surroundings and place them
on his purpose for living. He maintained a right perspective in spite of the dark, smelly
dungeon that contained him and the chains that held him.

I have two questions for you this morning.

What is your prison and what is your perspective?

Your prison might be a difficult boss, unfair wages, a dead-end career path or a negative

work environment. Your perspective might be “if only” I could transfer, get out, relocate,
or quit.

However, God may have you exactly where He wants you to be for now. Perhaps,

He just wants you to learn contentment. It begins with a right perspective. Pat Morley
 in his book The Man in the Mirror says there are three secrets to job contentment.

First, we must Re-define our ambition. Pleasing God must be our ambition. Let’s be

clear, it is not a sin to make money, to achieve great things and earn the respect of others
 through our work, but Morley says “the secret of job contentment is not getting what
 we want but re-defining what we need”. And, what we need is a daily desire to please
God in our work. Study I Thessalonians 4; 1, 11-12 for specifics on pleasing God
 in our work.

Second, we must Re-define our boss. God is our boss and it is Him whom we serve.

Yes, we have an earthly boss but ultimately, as Christians, we work for God and
desire to please Him in all things. He owns the company… He owns everything.

Third, we must Re-define our role. We are stewards and must surrender daily our

 work/role to Christ. We are called to manage what already belongs to Him in a way
that brings honor and glory to Him.

Workplace Challenge:Are you “Locked up” with discontent?

If so, examine your perspective about your ambition, your boss, and your role.

Acknowledge that your circumstances shouldn’t determine your contentment.
Paul was content even in imprisonment. You can be too. Change your perspective
 and, like Paul, you’ll rejoice in your daily work.

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