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Embrace the Spirit

“But you willreceive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you.”

(Acts 1:8) Dig Deeper: Acts 2:1-21

The awesome Spirit of God wishes to do more within us than

what is presently going on.

There are scars He wants to remove.
There are fractured feelings He wants to heal.
There are insights He longs to reveal.
There are profound dimensions of life He would dearly love to open up.

But none of the above willhappen automatically—not as long as

He remains a sterile, untouchable blip on our theological screen.

To remain at a distance from Someone that vital is downright tragic.

We need to allow ourselves to be embraced by Him. We need the
security that comes from being completely surrounded by His protection and power.

He is the comforting Helper, remember?
He is the Truth Teacher,
He is the Will-of-the-Father Revealer,
He is the Gift Giver,
He is the Hurt Healer.
He is God.

Doesn’t all this sound appealing? Haven’t you longed for such fortitude,

such confident faith? These traits were never meant to be restricted to
century-one saints. Nowhere in the Scripture do I find a statement that
limits the Spirit’s dynamic presence to some bygone era. The same
One who promised a handful of frightened followers new dimensions
 of divine enablement is anxious to fulfill that in us today.

The Spirit is not imaginary. He’s real and relevant. He is able to turn

 each of our days into something beautiful, something useful for God’s glory and for our good.

Let him lead, my friend. You’ll be surprised by his power. You’ll be

 embraced by his Spirit. It’s not simply a great way to live … it’s the only way to live.

—Chuck Swindoll in Embraced by the Spirit

Adapted from Embraced by the Spirit (Zondervan, 2010) by permission.

All rights reserved by the copyright holder and/or the publisher. May not be reproduced.

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Waiting for Promotion?
Are you waiting for a promotion in your workplace?
Do you feel that those who have been elevating themselves and stepping on everyone’s toes
in the process are the ones who are getting the promotions? It is important to remember that
God has not forgotten about you. Refrain from trying to take matters into your own hands,
even if you have been patiently waiting for a lengthy amount of time.
First of all, we must redefine what God considers to be a promotion. God is not moved by
a manmade ladder of succession. A new position is merely a new assignment to God.
We may be praying for some position that God essentially knows is not right for us. Since
He sees everything from beginning to end, many times He does not give us what we ask
for as a means of protecting us from hidden problems and dangers that come with that position.
God’s Word tells us to remain humble in service. For today, you are right where God wants
you to be. If it were not so, He would move you. It is the accumulation of the days spent in
humble service that will yield your biggest breakthrough. He is mighty and powerful enough,
at His appoint time, to move you into your next assignment.
Lord, I thank You that I don’t have to play the game in the workplace of exalting myself to
climb the corporate ladder. I choose to work as a humble servant under Your headship and
allow You to elevate me at your appointed time.

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Knowledge & Depth of Insight
And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth
of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless
 for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—
to the glory and praise of God. – Philippians 1:9-11 (NIV)
Think back to the last time when you made a bad decision.
What was the reason for making the bad decision?
 Was it simply because you did not want to choose what was good and right?
Was it because you did not have all the facts and as a result made a bad decision?
Unfortunately, the bad decisions we make today typically have a negative effect on our tomorrows.
The above referenced verse from Philippians basically states that when we know better, we do better.
The best remedy to making better decisions is to educate ourselves about what the Word of God has to say.
I have come to realize that when I read the Word it might not be applicable to my life on that particular
day but later as the need arises I am able to recall it. It is though the compilation of the Word had gotten
 stored on the hard drive of my mind.
My prayer before I begin reading is that God would not only grant me wisdom to understand His Word
but aid me to apply it. If we know better but don’t do better than that knowledge becomes a waste.
 Not only do good decisions today pave a clear path for us to reap the fruit of our choices tomorrow
but it brings Glory to God. There is a hurting world out there that is longing to have Christ centered role models.
Lord, I thank You that You have left us with an instruction manual that helps us to know better.
Help me to put the knowledge into action in order to make choices that will not only please
You but that will be a beacon of light to a hurting world.

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An iEulogy for Steve Jobs
By Rick Marschall – Monday Morning Music,

As the world knows, Steve Jobs died recently. For many years to come, the assessments of his remarkable career will scroll down

the screens of our lives. In fact they will be innumerable as his inventions and innovations.

For he did not teach people how to speak, but taught how to communicate in new ways. And how to compose, to organize, to perceive,

to create, to share… to dream in new ways. He simultaneously enabled people to realize the existence of new horizons, and believe they
actually could reach them. And at the same time he developed of array of devices that drive people into “virtual” monastic cocoons.

Things he did in the tech world were not just innovations in concept or manufacture: they were seeds planted, sure to grow and grow…

perhaps even in ways that America ’s Dreamer-in-Chief would never have dreamed.

But another reason he will be written about with increasing avidity is the simple reason that, ultimately, very little was known during his

 lifetime about his lifetime. He was very private, which is refreshing in this celebrity-addicted culture. What do we know of the man apart
from Apple, the iColossus catalog, Pixar?

It is reported that Jobs was adopted, and that his natural father, an immigrant from Syria named Abdulfattah Jandali, never was able to

receive responses from Jobs after reaching out by many letters and e-mails. Turning from the preceding to the following generation, Jobs
 fathered an illegitimate daughter whose paternity he denied for years, even swearing in court that he was infertile. He eventually
acknowledged being his daughter’s father.

We know that he was a college drop-out. We know that he married Laurene Powell in a Buddhist ceremony at Yosemite . We know

that they had three children. Some people are drawn to the fact – in this economy such things have relevance – that Apple did not start
or subsist on government handouts and bailouts. We hear that he left at least four year’s worth of new ideas and agenda items as a part
of his legacy.

We also hear that he was a workplace monster, employed police-state tactics (on his staff, not the competition), and not only outsourced

from the US to China , but that Apple’s exclusive factories in China were disgraceful, overcrowded sweatshops.

Speaking personally – and I love everything in the App Store – two impressive things about Steve Jobs’ life (personal, not professional)

 are that when he was fired from his own company in its “down” days, he persevered, believed in his visions – in himself – to the extent
that he not only roared back, but roared back at the helm of his own, former, company.

Further, at least from meager accounts, it seems that in nervous start-up days, periods of risky experimentation, good times, public

skepticism, several setbacks, triumphs, wild adulation, and harsh criticism… his wife and children always believed in him.

Sycophants, stockholders, nor investors cannot replace such a thing. Without it, a man fights insecurity, emotional emasculation, and

uncountable stumbling blocks in life. He was blessed in ways that were not apparent to the public. Perhaps it was that precious gift that
 led to reports we have of Steve Jobs’ last days.

The writer Walter Isaacson was chosen by Jobs to write a biography, knowing his days were numbered. And from what that book will

 tell, a priority of Jobs’ last weeks was to draw a few friends, but especially his wife and children, around his deathbed.

Isaacson quotes Jobs in his last meeting: “I wanted my kids to know me. I wasn’t always there for them, and I wanted them to know

why and to understand what I did.”

And a friend, Dr Dean Omish, quoted one of their last conversations to The New York Times: “Steve made choices. I asked him if he

 was glad that he had kids, and he said, ‘It’s 10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done’.”

Would billions of MAC users and iPhone, iPad, iTunes users (and on and on); would they exchange their toys and tools for the chance

that Steve Jobs could have been closer to his kids, that he could have “been there” more often? It is an artificial alternative: it’s not a
choice anyone has to make, but it sets us to thinking. It set him to thinking in his last hours. There were choices he made.

We come into the world naked, and we leave just about the same way. “Accomplishments” and resume aside, we just have our family

 on one side of the line, and eternity on the other. I don’t know the state of Steve Jobs’ soul. If biographers and friends write 100 books,
 I still would not know: that was between him and the Supreme Friend we can know, Jesus. Surely during his 56 years Steve Jobs had
that choice presented to him.

Neither do we know the answer to a question that ought to challenge us. When he said, “I want my kids to know me,” and having kids

was “10,000 times better than anything I’ve ever done,” were those the satisfied words of a man writing the codes of his last earthly
chapters? Or an anguished cry of a smart man who could program everything except his own peace?

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Nubia_group : nowhere else!

Nubia_group : nowhere else!

Nubia_group : nowhere else!

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Small Beginnings

‘Well done, my good servant!’ his master replied. ‘Because you have been

trustworthy in a very small matter,
take charge of ten cities.’ – Luke 19:17 (NIV)

Has God called you to do something but you have delayed getting started
because it seems insignificant?

Many times we sit on the side lines waiting for God to give us a miraculous

breakthrough…one that would get others to stand at attention.

We are waiting on God to throw us a steak when He is only throwing us a bone.

Due to the fact that it is not something of great magnitude, we discount it and
choose to do nothing.

Don’t despise small beginnings. Most success stories start out with small beginnings.

 As we gnaw on the bone that God has thrown us, it is where we cut our teeth to
 be able to handle the steak. If He gave us the steak without the maturation process,
we would not be able to properly break down the steak in order to digest it.

While God is still speaking, do not miss out on the opportunity or else it may pass

you by. It is time to put the assignment God has given you into action. Before you
 proceed, be aware that this assignment may not make sense to those around you.

Allow God’s prompting to be your encouragement to do it anyway. You owe your

allegiance to the One and Only who has placed the assignment within you at the time
 you were formed.

Lord, I thank You for Your sovereignty as You give me what I need and not what

 I want. I thank You that You use small beginnings to my benefit as my training
ground in preparation for the larger assignments.

Leah Gonzales – Transcript for Daily Living
WB Journal

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Today’s House of Prayer
…“It is written, ‘My house shall be a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a
den of robbers.”  Luke 19:46

Donkeys braying, birds chirping, people rushing about, voices crying, “Best deals

 here! Change your money at my booth! Finest animals for sacrifice!” Activity everywhere,
all focused on commerce, on making a buck.  Perhaps there was a contest among the
 moneychangers that day – who can squeeze the most money from the pilgrims today?

Who’s the best swindler?  . . . They were a den of robbers.

Our Lord’s words were not soft, nor were his response gentle. With a whip he drove them out.

He cried against them, “This is a house of prayer! You have made it a place of desecration,
a den of robbers!”

What about today’s house of prayer, what is its condition?

People sometimes are too quick to make the leap from temple to church, calling the church

a house of prayer. But consider what the New Testament has told us in passages like 1 Corinthians 3:16,
Do you not know that youare God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in you? From the day
of Pentecost onward, the temple is found in the people of God. You and I are the house of prayer.

What are you doing to drive the robbers out of the house of prayer?
How are you keeping it pure and holy and focused on its true business, leading people in the

worship and exaltation of God? We know that God is at work to purify his people.

What will Jesus be driving out of your life to make you a holy house of prayer?
Is your life so filled with noise – traffic, television, work, school, games – that you bear little

 resemblance to a house of prayer?

Follow the Psalmist in Psalm 139:23-24 in praying for God to reveal to you your faults. Ask him to

show you what needs to be driven out. Then pray along with Psalm 51:10-12: “Create in me a clean
heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Cast me not away from your presence, and take not
 your Holy Spirit from me. Restore to me the joy of your salvation, and uphold me with a willing spirit.”

Chris Roberts – Devotional Christian
WB Journal

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I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation…
Philippians 4:12

Are you content in your job?

Discontentment pervades our workplaces. For many, being content at work is elusive,

unattainable and impossible. Why? The grass is always greener and the money is always
better somewhere else.

The Apostle Paul said, “I have learned the secret of being content in any and every

situation”. He wrote this while in a literal prison. Yet, he still rejoiced in his circumstance.

Wow! How is this possible?

To be content means to be independent of external circumstances while placing our faith

and trust in God. Paul knew how to take his eyes off his surroundings and place them
on his purpose for living. He maintained a right perspective in spite of the dark, smelly
dungeon that contained him and the chains that held him.

I have two questions for you this morning.

What is your prison and what is your perspective?

Your prison might be a difficult boss, unfair wages, a dead-end career path or a negative

work environment. Your perspective might be “if only” I could transfer, get out, relocate,
or quit.

However, God may have you exactly where He wants you to be for now. Perhaps,

He just wants you to learn contentment. It begins with a right perspective. Pat Morley
 in his book The Man in the Mirror says there are three secrets to job contentment.

First, we must Re-define our ambition. Pleasing God must be our ambition. Let’s be

clear, it is not a sin to make money, to achieve great things and earn the respect of others
 through our work, but Morley says “the secret of job contentment is not getting what
 we want but re-defining what we need”. And, what we need is a daily desire to please
God in our work. Study I Thessalonians 4; 1, 11-12 for specifics on pleasing God
 in our work.

Second, we must Re-define our boss. God is our boss and it is Him whom we serve.

Yes, we have an earthly boss but ultimately, as Christians, we work for God and
desire to please Him in all things. He owns the company… He owns everything.

Third, we must Re-define our role. We are stewards and must surrender daily our

 work/role to Christ. We are called to manage what already belongs to Him in a way
that brings honor and glory to Him.

Workplace Challenge:Are you “Locked up” with discontent?

If so, examine your perspective about your ambition, your boss, and your role.

Acknowledge that your circumstances shouldn’t determine your contentment.
Paul was content even in imprisonment. You can be too. Change your perspective
 and, like Paul, you’ll rejoice in your daily work.

TheOther6Days – WB Journal

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