13 Oct

God Poem

Hi this is a poem I wrote while I was in a Christian rehabilitation centre, I was a heroin user for 11 yrs, and I couldn’t find away out off that crazy mad life style. My life was not worth living, I needed help fast. Heroin really took over my life, I lost everyone I cared about, I lived my life for my next fix. I’m now free from drug addiction and I’m working with girls with drug problems. I just wanted to thank Jesus for saving my life, I know I should be dead with my old life style


© Julie Hird
You are my protector 
You are my strength
You are my light in my darkness, and my friend till the very end

You do not judge me
You never let me down
When I fall you reach out your hand, and you lift me up to higher ground

You’ve opened my heart
and taught me to love once more
When I cry, I know you have broken thorough
Because all my tears are for you
You have made me made me feel and made me care
for your salvation has brought me here

I just want to say thank you for what you’ve done, because I know there is still more to come
What more do I need, for I have you
You are my protector 
and I love you.

Source: My Protector, God Poem 
Family Friend Poems 

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