13 Oct

Religious Poem

I love writing short poems and music. This particular poem was written in mind of a friend who talks to me about his life and the changes he has gone through due to his new and powerful religion. To this man, Christianity is a real walk with Christ and should be taken more serious than many Christians do in today’s society. As this poem shows, a man cannot live a truly happy life without recognizing his emptiness that can only be filled by Christ alone.


© Timmy Thomas
Through this life I am continually fleeing
Trying to escape without anyone seeing
A day here and a night there, no matter where I go
I continue to feel the conviction grow
Why am I running when there is no place to hide?
For I have seen that no matter where I go, He sees me with His condemning eyes
I am becoming weak and at my lowest point, yet I continue running and trying to flee
Feeling more and more convicted of the sin within me
And why am I feeling such in-depth pain?
It is because I fooled myself into thinking “I” could make it all go away
Only was it then when I saw how lost I was 
Did I see that with those condemning eyes came His redeeming love
I realized that only through Him was there life
And only through His Son could I win the fight
I accepted Him as my Savior that day
Willingly becoming a sheep that He, the Great Shepherd, would not let stray
There are still times in which I fail
But due to my new life in Him, I will prevail
For no matter what I face throughout this life 
As long as I trust Him, He’ll carry me through the strife
Giving all of my dependency to Him that day
Changed my life forever, and with Him I’ll ever stay.

Source: Conversion, Religious Poem 
Family Friend Poems 

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