13 Oct

by JANE POWELL on OCTOBER 12, 2011

“You are already perfect.”

When you were born you were perfect.

You were naturally assertive. You knew exactly what you wanted and what you didn’t want. Instinctively you knew what gave you joy and what made you unhappy. You were an amazing and awesome being. You possessed potential to be anything and anybody. Yet somewhere along in your life’s journey you may havelost touch with that perfection.

We are all molded by our parents, by our friends, and by society to be the person we are today. On top of that each one of us has had our share of problems and sadness, too. Yet there is one thing that hasn’t changed. We are still the same perfect being that we always were.

Despite where life may have taken you, you are still perfect. You don’t need to look outside yourself; you need to reconnect with your own perfection.

Today, take time to experience the exquisite beauty of your own unique self.

©Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am perfect just as I am.

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