12 Oct

Life Lesson Poem

This poem relates a true sequence of events from my case files at Names changed to protect client’s privacy. Chrissy is now enjoying a safe life with husband and children. Robert remains free but his predatory activities have been closed down. All is well.

Disabled One

© Ted L Glines
Chrissy grew up hard
she could not hear
uncertain and lonely
other kids would jeer.

Robert grew up mean
kicked dogs who were small
being a bully
made him feel so tall.

Chrissy needed a job
no one would hire
for she was disabled
and life was dire.

Chrissy answered an ad
in the City Times
this time she was hired
by a man full of crimes.

Robert – her boss
yes, she worked for this dude
cruelly abused
he made her pose nude.

There is more to this time
but we won’t go there
Chrissy lived through it
with no need to share.

Chrissy kept searching
’til she finally found
a job which would use her
but not by the pound.

She thought she was leaving
evil Robert behind
but that never works
not with his kind.

A predator wants
to pick on the weak
the victim’s terror
is what they seek.

Robert emailed her job
put her address online,
put up Websites about her
he was feeling fine.

But the world moves on
and now …

Chrissy has a loving husband
two daughters to protect
and a heart which has healed
from society’s neglect.

And Chrissy has found
she has friends on the Net
who champion her cause
that’s how good it can get.

Better than that
no longer scared and sad
our Chrissy’s grown up
and she’s hopping mad!

Robert is running
as his Websites go down
his emails don’t work
(that gives him a frown).

He finds that his preying
is not worth a dime
now scared when confronted
with the warrants of crime.

Now I ask you truly
how is this labeled;
is it Chrissy or Robert
who is truly disabled?

Source: Disabled One, Life Lesson Poem 
Family Friend Poems 

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