07 Oct

Cancer Poem

I dedicate this to my brother, who lost his life to cancer. He was the smartest, kindest, most wonderful person ever. Forever in my heart I love you, Sister

To My Brother

© Lisa Crisp
To My Brother Gary Allen Hrenchir Jr.
By Lisa Sister

The time has come to say Goodbye
I will try not to cry

It’ been so hard to let you go
To be in heaven don’t you know

But you did not go alone 
Part of us went with you 
The day God took you home

You will forever be in our hearts
Your memory will keep us from falling apart

You should hear the kind words people say
How you touched their lives in so many ways

I am so proud and blessed to get to say
That’s my brother in every way

Thank you brother for all you gave
For everything you showed us along the way

Now I want to say to you
How much I love and miss you too

So rest in peace big brother of mine
I’ll see you again when it’s my time

Forever in my heart xoxox

Source: To My Brother, Who Lost His Life To Cancer., Cancer Poem 
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