07 Oct

Sickness Poem

This poem basically tells the story. I have been to 4 different sets of doctors and now I’m going to my 5th. They don’t really know what’s wrong with me, but thats okay. I know they will. That is my one hope. Thanks to all my friends and my family for being there for me. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

My Pain

© Sami Chester
You try to understand
But I don’t want you to
I don’t think you can comprehend
The pain that I go through.

I never get to sleep
Because I cry all night
The doctors don’t know what it is
Or what’s wrong with my sight.

The pain’s almost unbearable
Like a thousand stabbing knives
And when my skin gets wet
My body’s covered in hives.

I wish that I could show you
How it hurts to breathe or move
But I know that it’s not possible
So this I cannot prove.

The touch of skin or fabric
I want to scream out loud
But I know I won’t do so
Cause the sound drowns in the crowd.

What’s that you say
I can’t hear you
Speak up please
It’s my hearing too.

My muscles freeze
My joints lock 
I am scared
I cannot walk.

I lay in bed
Do nothing all day
My mom brings my food up
On a tray.

I chew my food
My mouth needs to soak
I sip my water
I start to choke.

I’m scared to think
What happens next
Cause the situation
Is too complex.

Source: My Pain, Sickness Poem 
Family Friend Poems 

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