05 Oct

Two years ago, Lori received a strand of pearls from some dear friend of her. Since that time, She have been intrigued with pearls. So this past week she did some research on how a pearl becomes a pearl. To ensure that she was not falling for any urban legends, She asked Russ McMillan, her resident Marine Biologist, for assistance. Russ explained that a beautiful pearl begins as a fragment of broken shell, a sand grain, or even a parasite. Such an object enters an oyster’s shell and irritates its soft tissue. The irritant then gets covered and strengthened with layers of mother-of-pearl or nacre (NAY-ker). Over the course of time, a beautiful pearl develops. Similarly, the Bible teaches that every human starts out as an irritant. We are enemies of God, dead in our trespasses and sins.  Yet, by God’s amazing grace, those of us who believe in Christ are declared positionally righteous. Slowly but surely, God then envelops us in Himself and practically transforms us into beautiful followers who reflect His beauty.


    When tasks are so heavy and your strength is no longer enough two carry them, don’t give up, where our strength ends the grace of God begins.  As we go grow older the strength becomes less, every day while getting up we feel so tired and feel how we will carry on the day. But with hope and will power if we get up and start our day thinking of God everything becomes easy and we are able to do out duties. But sometimes we require others help to carry on our duties especially in old age. So we should try to help the older generation in whatever possible way we can and they will bless us which will help us in our day to day duties.


    God is always there behind us to protect us and show the way and if keep faith on Him he will lead us the way. We should leave everything in His hands and our work goes on smoothly. When things turn out bad and your strength is longer enough to carry them.  You must never give up, because when your strength ends, Gods strength begins.


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