05 Oct

Angry Poem about Family

A daughter bemoans her fate. Her father has left the house. She will grow up without a daddy.

My Father

© Jessica Farley
Leaving behind others to take your place,
Carrying on your name, walking around with your face,
Knowing you go left behind,
Wondering what’s on my fathers mind.
He didn’t even think to try.
To leave my mother with tears going down her face,
Left me only to embrace,
Only for me to ask her why?
My mother can give me answers;
My father left behind.
For he can give his love to another,
But can’t give his love to me,
My mother would give her life,
As she’s given life to me,
My father I hope to love.
Will he ever really love me?
He can take and make a life and keep living on,
But what is it like to live without a father,
He doesn’t even know,
Because he doesn’t even care,
He left me alone.

Source: My Father Left Me Behind, Angry Poem about Family and 24 Stories 
Family Friend Poems 

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