05 Oct

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Fish in a Flood

Where do fish go in a flood?
Are they swept away to sure destruction? If they survive,
 how do they survive?

One conservation specialist says that many fish go deep into

the river to sit on the bottom where the current is least strong,
 the muddy, opaque water concealing them. Some simply adjust
 to go with the flow, enduring the stress but with only short-term
storm effects.

While not everyone experiences a watery flood in his or her

 lifetime, similar devastation comes into the lives of everyone.
A previously healthy, active child is suddenly diagnosed with
cancer. A young adult son with a promising future suffers a
deadly accident. The well-planned career is snatched away
without warning. An executive found helpless against a stroke
attack. Divorce unexpectedly shatters a family.

Where does the Christian go in a flood?

Many of us have learned to go “deep into the river to sit on the

bottom.” We cannot avoid the swirling tempest, but we get into
the quiet space with God where we can hear His whispers. Life
demands that in one respect we “go with the flow,” tending to the
 demands of everyday responsibilities, but because of that deep
 place with God, the storm only alters us, but does not destroy.

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