05 Oct

Sad Poem

If you have ever felt like this just hang in there…. It will get better..

A Place Where No One Likes To Be

© Joe Allen
There’s a place where no one likes to be
So they save that little place for me
They shove me in and lock the door
They call me a dick, an ass, a man whore
They say shut up, they say fuck you
But none of them know what I’m going through
I’ve lost good friends. I’ve been a lost friend too
I’ve said I’ll never love, and I’ve said I love you
Deep down I know I deserve all the bad
I just miss the life that I once had
I miss my family, I miss my friends
I’m part of a nightmare that never ends
People leave, and people die
But the nightmare continues when I open my eyes
Everything feels like it’s falling apart
I’ve broken my family, my faith, and my heart
Every time I think life can’t get worse
I watch another friend ride off in a hearse
I don’t remember how to smile, or even have fun
It’s true when they say only the good die young

Source: A Place Where No One Likes To Be, Sad Poem 
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