30 Sep

Heartbreak Poem

This poem is about this guy who I never went out with but we talked about it. He was three years older than me and we were always together and always kissing and everything, he was perfect. Until, I found out he had another girl the wholleeee time! So from March-September he cheated on her.

Baby I’m Stronger

© Ashlei Ernst
You came into my life
During a time I was hurt,
All you said
Was that he was a jerk.
Days went by, we became close
I never thought I’d love you the most.
I went to your baseball games
You took my home in your truck,
Us meeting was fate, now it’s not even luck.
During the summer, we didn’t even talk
It’s like out of my life you slowly walked.
Summer starts to end, sport seasons start,
And then I see you walking back to my heart.
Days come and go, we get close
And you’re the one whose on my mind the most.
When our eyes meet, my heart skips a beat
When our lips touch I fall right off my feet.
One of your hands in mine, the other on the wheel
With all of that, my heart you did steal.
But now it’s all gone
And the right turned wrong,
The tone is no longer on our same song.
You were like no other who has taken my heart
I wish we stay friends, like we were from the start.
You say you don’t want to see me anymore
So stop looking at me because my heart is already sore.
Please don’t look at me or even think about me
Your not going to hurt me anymore you see,
You’ve lied you’ve cheated,
You’ve hurt me worse then I’ve ever been.
And now my heart won’t let another boy in.

Source: Baby I’m Stronger, Heartbreak Poem 
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