29 Sep


“It’s never too late to improve your brain power.”

Mental work outs keep you alert, active and able to deal better with problems. They’ll help you ward off  burn out and they’re guaranteed to keep life interesting.

There are hundreds of ways to challenge your intellect. Learning to play an instrument involves senses of touch, sight and sound. Music requires you to translate symbols requiring you to plan ahead and challenge your motor skills.

You can even try using your non dominant hand. If you brush your hair with your right hand, try your left. There are always crossword puzzles, scrabble and chess. And if you’re really ambitious learn a new language.

Take your brain to the gym and give it a workout! You’ll have fun, feel like you’re challenging yourself and maybe even make a new friend.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women

Today’s Affirmation: I am keeping my mind fit by challenging my intellect.

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