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Spiritual Anoxeria
By: Janet Morris Grimes

“Give us each day our daily bread” (Luke 11:3).

For some reason we take it all for granted. We find a few choice verses from the Bible

and use them as a moniker for our lives, a slogan of sorts. We pray for guidance and hope
 that it brings with it a continual shower of blessings. We attend church, yearning to be fed,
motivated and fired up to make a difference in the lives of others.  But no sooner do we
walk out of the church building do we realize that something is missing. We are.

You can’t expect to unleash the power of God in your daily life by showing up once a

week. He created us to need more than this. There will always be a void in our lives until
we learn to seek Him continually. Daily. Moment by moment.

Imagine a husband-wife relationship where they elected to spend time together once a week,

but then went on about their business as if they were single until their next appointed time to
be together. There is no way this relationship could work without the commitment of time,
energy and an investment into each other.

Imagine a parent-child relationship where the parent met on Sundays with the child and

attempted to provide everything they would need for the following week. Food, clothing,
safety instructions, hygiene, love and help with homework. None of this can be accomplished
in advance. The journey is constant; and the needs are fresh each day.

The same is true for our relationship with God, and the problem is that spiritually, we are

starving ourselves.  We would never consider going a week without food. On the contrary,
we train ourselves to eat at predetermined times; sometimes even eating before we are
actually hungry because we have grown accustomed to eating, no matter what.

The same should be true for our spiritual journeys. God has a new message for us each

and every day. If we allow Him to do so, He will give us enough meat to chew on for that
particular day, using it to propel us down the path carved out for us. He is always ready to
listen to us, but we rarely take the time to return the favor.

He intended for us to eat daily. Not weekly, monthly or on special occasions. He created

our thirst and hunger, both spiritually and physically, and we will never be satisfied or reach
our full potential until we recognize that hunger, filling it with the perfect love that only He can provide.

What we have to realize, as Christians, is that Satan will do everything in his power to keep

our Bibles closed.  You see, he loves it when we starve ourselves.

God taught His people to feed themselves daily, and to seek Him in the process. Moment

by moment, in a beautiful blend of dependence and discipline.

Questions: How do we keep from becoming spiritually anorexic? What are some results

of neglecting our time with God?

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