19 Sep

A man wanted to buy a German car. After thinking about it for several months, he contacted the automobile dealership to gather the pertinent facts about the model he was considering buying. He found out the price and then proceeded with some thorough questions about the automobile. Finally, only one question remained unanswered: “What is the horsepower of this engine?” The salesman couldn’t find that information in the brochures. Not knowing where else to look, he appealed to his sales manager, and the manager cabled the home office in England. The answer came back with just one word: “Adequate.”


Bible says in 1 Kings 17:2-5. After Elijah confronted King Ahab, God ordered him to go into hiding. The place chosen, the Brook Cherith, was a great place to hide. Ahab would never think of looking in such a forsaken area, but it was a challenge to survive there. Yet God proved Himself adequate. There was a brook for water, and at His command even the ravens helped provide for Elijah’s needs. No situation or circumstance is too difficult for God. When the world withholds its provision, He is adequate. What God uses to provide for you may seem strange, but with all of creation willing to do His bidding, He will find a way. Take heart. Those dark shadows on the horizon may well be God’s ravens. Be assured that God will never forsake you nor fail you. Whatever your circumstances, you will always find Him adequate. Others May Fail You, But God Never.





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