14 Sep

Love Poem by Teens

I wrote this poem my freshman year of highschool when I found out I would be moving that summer. It’s about the one girl I never told how I felt because we were friends and I didn’t want to mess that up.

She Doesn’t Know

© Baller327
When did my feelings get so deep
Why did they take that big long leap
Going from friend to crush 
What a rush
And I don’t think she knows

Since when did her smile make me go weak
Since when did her tears make mine start to leak
Why does this happen when I’m always so strong
When people called me Superman I guess they were wrong
And I don’t think she knows

When she talks I cant help but watch her lips
To notice their shape and curves when they dip
Wait, why am I looking? I don’t even know
And I cant help but wonder if she even knows

Her beautiful eyes are nothing like ours
They’re so deep and bright you’d believe they were stars
They pour forth emotions in raging rivers
They could make even me believe that Santa always delivers
And still she has no idea

Her body is perfection though she denies it
It makes my head spin with every glance I give
She could put any man under her spell
But she doesn’t know how I feel and I don’t think I’ll tell

I love how she looks and who she is
And how she makes me feel like this
I love how she’s beautiful and smart with a heart so strong
And how she lives every day like nothing could go wrong
Still she hasn’t got a clue

Now school is at an end on the 11th at noon
I wonder if she cares that I’m moving soon
We’re parting that day after schools many months
I just wish I could have kissed her just once

Now that I’ve said it with my poetic skill 
I don’t think she knew, and now she never will

Source: She Doesn’t Know, Love Poem by Teens and 33 Stories

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