14 Sep

Depression Poem by Teens



Hi, I’m Raisa I am a teen and this poem is based off of something a lot of people go thought even me depression and I write a lot of different things CRYING TEARS OF PAIN was hard for me to write like a lot of my poems but you know by telling what you go through you feel better every day so thank you and enjoy

Crying Tears Of Pain

© Raisa
I lay here crying
asking why me
you must really hate me
god why me
I bite my arm so bad I break the skin
over and over
my body is now in shock from all the bites
I cry and cry and cry
the pain is so intense
I feel hopeless scared cold and alone
my family is scared half to death
why must I go thought this every single day
I want and need support from as many people as possible
my tears of pain are holding me back 
for all the love to be showered
I need for this to be alright
I need someone to talk to to let them know how I feel
my dad is not talking to me
I feel so alone I need to stop this pain
at times I want to end my life
but I’m losing so much
god give me someone to stop
MY CRYING TEARS of pain…..

Source: Crying Tears Of Pain, Depression Poem by Teens

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